APHC Resident Handbook 2015

Air Conditioning Policy

Blood Borne Diseases Policy

Capitalization Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Check Signing Authorization Policy

Collection of Rent Policy

Computer Use Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict disclosure form

Credit Card Policy

Crime Prevention Tracking Policy

Disposition Policy

Drug Fee Workplace Policy

Ethics Policy

Equal Housing Opportunity Policy

Facility Use Policy 2015

FOIA Policy

FOIA Request Form

Funds Transfer Policy

Governance Policy

Hazardous Materials Policy

Internal Control Policy

Investment Policy

Job Description Administrative Assistant

Job Description Commissioner

Job Description Executive Director

Job Decription President, Vice President

2017 Lease

Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Inventory Policy

No Weapons Policy

Painting Policy

Personnel Policy

Personnel Policy Amendment

Pest Control Policy

Pet Policy

Procurement Policy

Recruitment Package For the Appointing Authority

Smoking Policy

Travel/Training Policy

Trespass Policy

Unit Transfer Policy

Video Recording Policy

Video Camera Monitorin, Recording and Retention Policy