Does the Allen Park Housing Commission offer a Section 8 Program?  No.  You may contact the Wayne County Section 8 Program at (313) 456-3540 for more information on other Housing Commissions where Section 8 may be offered.

What is the name of the complex the Allen Park Housing Commission oversees?  The name of this facility is Leo Paluch Apartments, located at 17000 Champaign, Allen Park, MI 48101-1778.

What are the qualifications for a person to become a resident? Our one bedroom apartments are available to any single individuals earning less than $37,450 and couples earning less than $42,800.

Do you do a criminal background checks?  Yes, on all applicants and employees. The safety of our residents of the highest importance!  The Allen Park Housing Commission has an Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy that outlines our guidelines and HUD has guidelines for reviewing any criminal activities past or present.  There is specific rejections of applications concerning violent crime, drug related crime, and any criminal sexual misconduct.

How do I go about being put on a Wait List?  You can find an application under the tab on our website titled “Application” or you can come to our apartment building and pick up an applications in the vestibule (under the visitor sign in sheet).  

Does the Allen Park Housing Commission conduct credit checks on applicants?  Yes. While many people may face financial challenges, our primary objective in reviewing credit reports is to ensure that tenants will pay their rent.  We are specifically reviewing past rental payments, if there are any debts owed to housing authorities or landlords, and if utilities are paid in timely fashion.  The credit report is one factor in the admission process.

How big is the apartment and are utilities included?  Our one bedroom units are 504 sqft with a separate bedroom and bathroom area.  All utilities are included, although air conditioning would be an additional monthly fee.

In what condition is the apartment for a new tenant?  Very clean.  A new tenant is given a check off list where they have the right to bring to management’s attention anything about the apartment which feels is not correct.

What are the office hours?  The main office is open Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.  Applications that are filled out may be mailed to our office or you can make an appointment to bring your application to the office from 9 am – 12:30 pm.

Can we meet at any other times?  Yes, appointments can be made for after hour and weekend meetings if absolutely necessary.

Does the Leo Paluch Apartments offer a community room where a resident can host a party for family and friends?  Yes.  You can make a reservation for the date you would like to use the Community Room.  However, it is on a first-come basis.  There is a $75 refundable security deposit required at time of reservation and a $35 non-refundable fee.

Does the Allen Park Housing Commission recognize medical marijuana?  No, the Leo Paluch Apartments is a drug free facility.  We do not tolerate any illegal drugs on our property and all employees are randomly drug tested.

Is there a time in the evening that a tenant can expect the apartment building to reasonably quiet?  Yes, the apartment has a tenant handbook that outlines what is expected of each tenant.  Usually the apartment is quite anytime after 9 pm.

Do you allow pets?  Yes, some pets are permitted but are regulated by the Allen Park Housing Commission Pet Policy which can be obtained from the Main Office or from the Policy List from this site.

Do you allow smoking?  No, we are a “Smoke Free” building

Are overnight guests permitted?  Yes, but in accordance with the lease “no more than 14 accumulated nights per year”.

How long is the wait list? Average wait time ranges anywhere from 18-60 months.

Do the apartments offer a fitness facility? No, but residents do have access to the Allen Park Community Center. 

Is there any transportation to various stores?  The APHC does not provide transportation. However, the Allen Park Senior Center, in connection with the SMART bus service, does provide transportation on an appointment basis for a fee.